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Dave and Patricia Fullmer ~ (731) 352-3665 CST

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Fullmer Family Mission

Dave and Patricia Fullmer are committed to the privilege of lifting up people and encouraging them. We are also committed to sharing the good news of God's grace and goodness in our lives and how others can have the peace and forgiveness of the Lord in their hearts. As a family we pledge:

  1. As husband and wife, to grow closer together and to our Lord.

  2. To be a positive witness to God's goodness and mercy to our family, our children and our grandchildren.

  3. To live a daily witness of God's mercy and love to those we come in contact with.

  4. To impact and influence thousands of families directly and indirectly:
    1. Spiritually, by sharing the gospel with them, Praying for them, and leading them by example.
    2. Physically, by showing them how to be maintain their health.
    3. Financially, by showing them how to be financially independent.
Dave and Patricia are committed to the Mission of bringing Physical, Financial, and Spiritual Wellness to the World, one family at at time.

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