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My name is Dave Fullmer and I live with my wife near McKenzie, TN.  McKenzie is a small town in rural West Tennessee.  I am a semi-retired computer technician having owned a small computer servicing shop.  I also have done extensive programing and servicing for automated manufacturing equipment.

I have been working with internet marketing since 2001 and now that I am semi-retired I want to pass on to others what I have learned. In the process, of course, I would like to put a little in my pocket also.  (A little gold in your golden years is always helpful)

I am a fan of Zig Ziglar and have many of his tapes.   One of his statements has become a favorite of mine:

"You can have everything you want in this life, as long as you help enough other people get what they want"

I believe this with all my heart.  My Mission and Purpose in life is to help as many people as I can to become Well physically and financially . (See our family Mission Statement )

My personal hobby is restoring antique tractors.  I will be putting up a page shortly with pictures of mine and friends of mine.   This business is providing the funds to retire in dignity and do the things I love to do.  Besides restoring antique tractors, there are a couple of other things I like to do.

The first is to be able to help people through volunteer work.  I believe I should give back to society of the skills that the Good Lord has blessed me with.  I like to help with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity heading up the wiring of the homes we build in our county.

I also like to travel with our motor home and go to other places to help build with organizations like Church builders or hurricane Relief, etc.

I have had a dream that started in 1971 when someone showed me a plan for building a residual income that would allow me to own my life instead of a J.O.B. owning me.  Unfortunately, I didn't succeed with that plan, but I could never quite forget the idea.  Over the years since, I have joined several offline and online plans that supposedly were going to make my dreams come true.

During the past couple years, I found out why these plans didn't provide the vehicle to fulfill those dreams .  Folks, we have been lied to.   Maybe not intentially, but nevertheless, we were told many things that just weren't true.

I know I was told to build my dreams.  "Go look at new cars,   Go to home shows and visualize yourself living in that new home.  Get brochures about vacation trips to places you like to go."

So what I was taught was to build the business for selfish reasons.  Build it for what it would do for me and my family!   Every thing I was doing was for the purpose of putting money in my pocket. No wonder I wasn't able to get anywhere.   I kept visualizing my self as a salesman and I could never get the thought out of my head that those that I talked to saw me as someone who wanted to get into their pocket book for my benefit instead of theirs.

Once I understood that real wealth is the reward of providing mankind with a service that truly benefits the other person, I stopped focusing my thoughts on my personal dreams and started focusing on other people and their needs.   I started asking questions and then focused on listening to what they said about their needs and dreams. And suddenly, I discovered that I wasn't viewing myself as a salesman. I discovered that sharing information and giving people the option to choose between taking action or not, relieved me from the thoughts that I was looked on as a pushy salesman. And to my amazement, people started to join me because they had no reason not to at least try the solutions I was offering.

What I had to learn was to take my focus off of ME, and place my concerns on Other people.

I now feel my Mission and Life's Purpose is to bring Wellness to the World.  Ambitious goal?  Maybe, but all I have to worry about is sharing wellness to those in MY world.  Then if I do every thing I can to expand my world and help those people share wellness to THEIR world, together we can bring wellness to the world

My prayer is that like Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9, that the Lord will Bless me, that He would enlarge my Territory, that His hand would be with me, and that He would keep me from doing harm and not cause pain!  

Now my dream that started in January, 1971 is coming to pass.

Thank you for looking at my website,

Dave Fullmer
McKenzie, TN.
731-352-3665 CST

Brought to you by Independent TriVita Affiliate Member Dave Fullmer ID: 13104815