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Did You Know that Muscle Health Impacts Metabolism, Body Weight, Glucose Levels, Balance, Bone Strength, and Sugical Recovery?

Learn more below and let me tell you my story!


"I believe that essential amino acids (EAAs) will become the most important nutritional supplements to impact human health and disease in the years to come"

                                          Robert R. Wolfe, PH.D
                                          Professor, Department of Geriatrics
                                          Jane and Edward Warmack Chair In Nutritional Logevity
                                          Director, Center for Transitional Research in Aging and Longevity
                                          DonaldW.Reynolds Institute on Aging
                                          The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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I am amazed at what MyoHealth® has done for me and also for Patricia.

Patricia and I are both in our early 80's and of course at our age we have had some health issues in the past few years.

Early in 2018, I was hospitalized with an emergency operation and during the diagnostics of the emergency it was discovered I had prostrate cancer.   After a couple of months of recovery, I went into radiation treatments for the cancer.   Fortunately, the radiation treatments were successful and it looks like my cancer has gone.   However, one of the things I have learned since then is that our body's muscle health is affected by any stress, be it physical or emotional and because of surgery or other medical treatments our muscles atrophy because of the stress.   And of course the lack of normal exercise laying in bed, etc causes atrophy also.   My energy level decreased greatly and my "old age aches and pains" increased by the same level.

I became interested in information I was given about a product called MyoHealth® and because I trusted my sources, I decided to take the MyoHealth® Challenge.   MyoHealth® is a formulation of the nine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) our bodies require to build and maintain our muscle health.   MyoHealth® is a patented exact formulation developed by Dr. Robert Wolfe over decades of research with NASA , Bed Ridden individuals, Athelets, and 25 Human clinical studies costing over 20 million dollars.

The challenge is to purchase MyoHealth®, take a double daily dosage for 60 days and experience the difference by the end of the challenge. When you purchase the challenge, you get the normal month's supply of MyoHealth® plus a free month's supply, a Shaker bottle to mix the delicious berry or lemonade drink and Dr. Wolfe's book "The Building Blocks of Life" written in layman's language to help you understand why our bodies require the nine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). Oh, by the way, Trivita also gives a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

An alternative to the mixing of the the drink powder is the capsules.   I use the capsules and Patricia uses the berry drink.   OK, then what were our results of the challenge?

Within the first week, I thought I was feeling better.   It seemed like the back pains were less and it seemed like I was not ready for bed in the evening as soon as before.   But I couldn't be sure and I still don't know if it was what I wanted to feel or if it was really an improvemnt.   But by the thrid week, Patricia told me that I was standing up straighter and walking faster.   By the end of the first 30 days, I found myself spending more time on chores outside the house and having a lot more energy.   I make pallets for the factory I retired from in 2009 and instead of quiting my daily activity after 3 or 4 hours, I was staying at it for 6 to eight hours.   My energy level is much greater and YES! MY ACHES AND PAINS HAVE BEEN GREATLY REDUCED!

SEE How MyoHealth® Works Here

In the 3rd week of using MyoHealth® we decided that Patricia should take the challenge also.   She had been experienceing lack of energy, periods of depression, and mostly shortness of breath for several years and every time she would go ask the doctors at our local clinic why, all the tests and answers turned out the same.   Basicly, what they would tell her that her complaints were due to her age.   Once she started using the MyoHealth®, I started noticing little changes.

Fresh backed bread started showing up,   I noticed changes in her activity like she bought some plants to put in her flower gardens and she started doing some of the lawn mowing on our huge lawn.   But the biggest change was in her mood spells. Her outlook on life took a huge leap in the positive direction.   When she started to have shortness of breath, she just took a break and I didn't hear the complaints.   I became convinced that MyoHealth® was really helping her to do the things that she has loved to do in the past.

Overall, MyoHealth® has helped both of us live life stronger and bolder in our 80's.   After 3 months of usage of MyoHealth®, we are convinced to continue using it.

With all the decades of work that Dr. Wolfe has done and the scientific proof of the patented MyoHealth® product plus the results we have seen, we have satisfied ourselves that there was no need to use the 60 day money back guarantee that TriVita makes when we purchased the initial challenge.

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See reference list of 25 Human Clinical Studies for scientific information.
Please pardon me for the missing hyperlinks to the 3 studies that had no links.

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